Raise Up – a diverse look at English

Raise up
We’re delighted to present the second Taylor Made English book, Raise Up!.

This book has been written with a simple aim – what would a mainstream English language coursebook look like if it represented a wider range of people? We feel that at the time of writing in 2019, significant improvements need to be made in how various groups in society are included in the most popular international coursebooks. These subjects include:

• Women
• Black, Asian and minority ethnic people
• Disabled people
• The working class
• Indigenous people
• Non-conventional body types
• Non-hegemonic countries and cultures
• Refugees
• People living and working in extreme conditions
• Non-urban environments
• The elderly

The book contains 8 separate lessons, aimed at different levels, which follow the familiar format of modern international English language coursebooks. What makes Raise Up! different are the subjects of those lessons. The themes covered are:

  1. Family / LGBTQIA+
  2. Leadership / Disabled people & poverty
  3. Work rules / Low-paid workers
  4. Rural life
  5. Influences / women
  6. Work / Transgender
  7. Texting / Refugees
  8. Different types of homes

To buy the book click here.

The book has been written by James M. Taylor, a teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and podcast producer based in Brasília, Brazil, and Ilá Coimbra, a teacher and teacher trainer based in Munich, Germany.

Find out more about Raise Up! by visiting our website raiseupforelt.com and follow us on social media:

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