Welcome to Taylor Made English! Thank you for coming, and hopefully you will find all the information you need here, but if you don’t, get in touch with me.

This website is home to two things. Firstly, information about my courses can be found. At the moment there is my IELTS course, but expect more in the future. And secondly, you can also find information about my books for teachers.

I will add more content in the future, but for now, enjoy!

Published by James Taylor

James Taylor is a DELTA qualified EFL teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and podcast producer based in Brasília, Brazil. He has written the Our Languages coursebook series for FTD Educaçao, is a founder of the Raise Up! project and was nominated for an ELTON Award for the TEFL Commute podcast. He is the Project manager at Active English and a committee member of IATEFL TDSIG and BRAZ-TESOL Brasília.

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