12528743_10154138309435681_2018670986_oJames is, by far, the best English teacher I’ve ever had. His techniques and activities make the lessons truly entertaining and help you to understand and to keep the concepts in mind. He cares a lot about his students and knows how to adapt the lessons to their needs. What I learnt during his classes and his tips, were key to get excellent grades in the required exams to apply for graduate studies. Besides his abilities as a teacher, James is a great person and that also helps a lot during the learning process.

Sofía, San Jose, Costa Rica

HyeYoungTeacher James is the best, beloved and dedicated teacher I’ve ever met with his brilliant teaching techniques and knowledge. The class was always interesting, interacting, and inspiring. If I take one example among many, his reading class encouraged us to discuss the recent issues, and many of my classmates (including me! :)) even ended up publishing articles in the “Letters to the Editor” section on the Korea Times. He widened my view to the world, taught how to use English competently for authentic use, and enhanced my confidence in English which has been critical for my further English learning. This is why we all love and miss Teacher James!

HyeYoung, Seoul, South Korea

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-05 at 09.07.43First of all, I’d say I’m really fortunate for having been James’ student, and that is not without it’s reasons! James has taught in several different countries, from teenagers to adults, from beginners to advanced students, he speaks from experience. His classes are carefully prepared, but not rigid, they are as dynamic and engaging as James can make them, he uses all of his knowledge to bring together the students’ interests and the goals to be achieved during class. While a teacher, he is also a student, even when teaching me and my classmates James was always taking part in courses about teaching techniques and such other things to further polish his skills, I’m sure he is already a better teacher than he was when he taught me! To sum it up, there is this expression I love, “where there’s a will, there is way”, and when I had the will to push my English proficiency to where it is today, James was more of a guide than I could have ever hoped and asked for, and if I ever need to improve my English even more, for whatever reason it may be, I surely know who to turn to.

Vinicius, Brasília, Brazil


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