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Talk description: The aim of this talk is to share my experience in creating truly diverse material to be used in ELT classrooms. I’ll comment on my beliefs on having an inclusive and diverse classroom as well as on my experience in developing the material. I hope that the book, Raise Up!, and this presentation will inspire teachers to consider the materials that they use in their classrooms, as well as providing them with a valuable new resource.

Presented at IATEFL 2019 (Liverpool, UK); BRAZ-TESOL Brasília and Voices SIG Event 2019 (Brasília, Brazil); BrELT on The Road 2019 (Brasília, Brazil); BRAZ-TESOL 2019 (Goiania, Brazil); Southern Cone Conference 2019 (Curitiba, Brazil).


Talk description: “Fake news” is seen as one of the most pressing issues of our time, but does it have any relevance to English teachers? In this talk I will argue that ‘the post-truth era’, as it is known, provides us with a unique opportunity to develop how we define our roles as educators and offers our students of any age the chance to improve a skill that is sorely needed at this time.

Presented at IATEFL 2018 (Brighton, UK) ; BELTA Day (Brussels, Belgium) 2018; Alumni, CTJ and Ibeu TEFL Conference (Brasília, Brazil), BRAZ-TESOL 2017 (Goiania, Brazil).


Talk description: If you’re the kind of teacher who watches webinars, reads books, goes to conferences and generally tries to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of ELT, it can be difficult to make sense of all of these ideas and opinions. In this talk, I’m going to try and cut through the noise and present my list of overrated and underrated areas in ELT today. You might not agree with all of them, but you’re sure to find it thought-provoking!

Presented at BRAZ-TESOL 2019 (Goiania, Brazil).


Talk description: In the last few years, we have seen a growth in interest in introversion and extroversion. It has been argued that the modern world is, to a large extent, designed for extroverts, and yet introverts have had a huge influence on how we live. In this talk, I will look at how this affects English language teaching, especially given that as teachers we are encouraged to use elements of performance in our teaching, and ask if our introverted students being neglected.

Presented at BRAZ-TESOL International Conference 2016 (Brasilia, Brazil), BRAZ-TESOL 2016 (Goiania, Brazil);


Workshop description: In this session, I will explore how you can make students aware of the potential in a text by focusing on practical activities they can do in class and at home, and how we can offer a variety of activities, including tasks more challenging than what we usually find.

Presented at BRAZ-TESOL (Brasília, Brazil); BRAZ-TESOL 2016 (Goiania, Brazil)


Workshop description: In this workshop, we will look at examples of errors that intermediate and above Portuguese and Spanish speaking learners make which you would associate with lower levels. We’ll discuss why they make these mistakes and what we can do about them.

Recorded Presentations

Ilá and I talk about creating inclusive materials for Trinity College London. Click here to watch.

Ilá and I speak about Raise Up! and inclusive teaching for teens for IATEFL YLTSIG:

My presentation for the British Council Teaching English on transitioning from teaching adults to teenagers can be found on their website.

A short version of my talk, English Teaching In the Post-Truth Era, for EFLtalks:

A short version of my talk, Are We Neglecting Our Introverted Learners?, for EFLtalks:

My webinar for BrELT (find out more here):

My webinar for TEFL Equity Advocates:

My Pecha Kucha Presentation at IATEFL 2014:

Making The Most of Reading – a presentation at RSCON4 (2013):

Other videos

Bruno Andrade from YLTSIG interviews me about Emergency Remote Teaching:

My interview for BrELT at the Southern Cone Conference 2019:

An interview at IATEFL 2019 with my co-author Ilá Coimbra on our book Raise Up!

Ilá and I introduce Raise Up!:

My video for IATEFL TDSIG on teacher development:

My interview at IATEFL 2018 about my love of teaching associations and the fun I have producing the TEFL commute podcast. I also talk about my IATEFL talk on the topic of dealing with fake news and teaching in a post-truth world.

My interview with Richard Leigh for the Short Films Teachers Love podcast:

and the abridged video version:

An interview with Vicky Loras:

My interview with Jack Askew of Teaching English Online:

My interview with Willy Cardoso and Katherine Bilsborough for IATEFL Online 2014:

What online professional development has done for me:

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