Podcast Consultant

As well as teaching, teacher training, and writing books, I’m also a podcast consultant. If you are thinking of creating a podcast and need someone to guide you through the process, get in touch. My services can include the following, depending on your needs:

  • Editing the episodes
  • Participating in the recording of episodes
  • Sourcing music and other audio required for the episodes
  • Advising on the content of the episodes
  • Advising on artwork
  • Advising on hosting
  • Uploading episodes to host services
  • Advising on social media strategy
  • Helping with rehearsals and creating pilot episodes
  • Assisting with recording of remote interviews
  • Advising on interview and presenting techniques
  • Advising on technical equipment
  • Vocal contributions to episodes including co-presenting

For examples of my work, you can listen to the ELTON nominated TEFL Commute podcast and Seven Skills For The Future.

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